School of Foreign Languages



Students are continuously assessed throughout their courses. There are four main areas that feed into their final course grade:
  • Ongoing assessment (quizzes and skills assessments)
  • Online work
  • Classroom participation
  • End of Module exam
 Ongoing Assessment    Total %     Module Total %
  • 3 vocab quizzes (wks 2, 4, 6)
     7%              35%
  • 3 grammar quizzes (wks 2, 4, 6)
  • 2 reading assessments (wks 3+5)
  • 2 writing assessments (wks 4+6)
  • 2 listening assessments (wks 3+5)
  • 2 speaking assessments (wks 3+7)
 Online Work (assigned weekly to be completed on Blackboard & Pearson’s MyEnglishLab)      15%              15%
 Classroom Participation (every two weeks)      10%              10%
 EOM Exam      40%              40%
Students must get 65% overall total course grade, to pass the level.

If a student is ill on the day of the EOM and a valid medical note can be provided, a make-up exam will be provided.
1) Ongoing Assessment

Ongoing assessment is worth 35% of a student’s overall grade. By assessing students regularly throughout the module, instructors are able to keep track of their students’ progress and give extra support if needed. It also means that students themselves have a sense of how they are doing.
Scores from all quizzes and assessments are entered into the Blackboard gradebook so students can see all of their scores in one place.
If a student is absent for a quiz or assessment, they receive 0 (zero) unless they can supply a valid medical report, in which case the score will be exempted from their gradebook. There are no make-up exams for quizzes and assessments.
Students will be given the opportunity to see their marked quiz and assessment papers for feedback. This is done in small groups with the instructor.
Grammar and Vocab quizzes
Students are given three grammar and three vocab quizzes during a module. The quizzes include areas that have been covered by the course in the preceding two-week period and aim to encourage students to be constantly reviewing what they are learning.
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking assessments
There are two assessments for each skill during the module. Listening and Reading assessments are delivered together on the same days. Speaking assessments are conducted in pairs or groups of three students with the instructor, and are recorded. Writing and Speaking assessments are graded using standardised rubrics.
2) Online Assessment

The online element to the ELPP is essential in preparing students for the Flipped Learning approach, and is worth 15% of a student’s overall grade.
Before most classes, students watch a video on Blackboard and complete some activities related to the video. Instructors check that these activities have been completed.

Each week there are online post-class practice activities and tests for students to complete on MyEnglishLab (MEL), and tests in Blackboard. The MEL practice activities can be done an unlimited number of times. The instructor records students’ average scores. The post-class tests can be done once, and have a time limit of one hour to complete. The instructor records the students’ scores from these tests.

MEL grades are calculated each time two units of the course book have been covered. These grades are entered into the Blackboard gradebook. Blackboard activity and test scores appear immediately in the Blackboard gradebook.
The weighting of how online grades are calculated is as follows:

Pre-class Blackboard videos+activities= 33,33%
End-of-Unit Blackboard tests= 33,33%
MEL activities and tests= 33,33%

All online activities and tests have due dates. Students must complete the activities before the due date. Due dates are clearly marked in the day-by-day breakdown of the module which instructors make available to students at the start of each module. This document is also accessible from within Blackboard. If classes are cancelled for any reason (e.g. snow), these due dates do not change. It is each student's personal responsibility to keep track of those due dates. 
3) Classroom Participation

The focus of lessons is on communicative practice of the language so students’ active participation in the classroom is very important. English should be used at all times in class. Instructors give students classroom participation grades every two weeks, using standardised rubrics. Classroom participation is worth 10% of a student’s overall grade.

4) End of Module Exam (EOM)

The EOM is held the second day after the last day of lessons and is worth 40% of a student’s overall grade. It is a two-hour exam with five sections: listening, reading, grammar, vocab, and writing. The exam begins with the listening section, therefore late-arrivals will not be allowed to enter the exam room until the listening section is finished and will receive a 0 (zero) for that section.
Students will be emailed on the day after the last day of lessons to inform them of whether they are eligible to sit the EOM.
Each EOM paper is marked by two instructors.
Students will be notified by email of whether they have passed the level, failed the level. They will also be informed of when they can come in to see their EOM paper.
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