School of Foreign Languages

Director's Message

Director's Message

In today’s globalized world, English has emerged as the world’s lingua franca. English is the language of the Internet, the language of research, and the language of international trade and business.
Being able to perform comfortably and professionally in English in this environment is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.
MEF English Language Preparatory Program is here to help you turn this need into a reality. Our innovative program has been specially designed, not only to enable you to become competent and confident speakers of English, but also to furnish you with the necessary skills that will make you successful in your future career. Our student-centered curriculum will develop your autonomy, self-directed learning, critical thinking, and collaborative skills, while our unique team of native-speaker instructors have been chosen to provide you with a rich cultural and linguistic environment. Together these will prepare you to become the internationally-minded, English-speaking professional that you wish to be.
So come and join us in MEF ELPP and start your transformation from student to international, English-speaking professional.


Sally Gayford
Director, School of Foreign Languages

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