Joint 3+2 Bachelor and Master Programs

Joint 3+2 Bachelor and Master Programs

Going well beyond traditional exchanges towards truly transnational education, MEF University is instituting joint 3+2 degree programs with leading universities in all of its program areas, resulting in a Bachelor degree from MEF and a Master’s degree from a global partner. In a 3+2 program, the student completes the first three years of his/her education at MEF and joins the international partner institution in the fourth year as an exchange student. The credits earned at the partner institution are transferred to the MEF Bachelor degree. After the fourth year, the student continues his/her education with the global partner through an accelerated admission to a graduate program, and earns a Master’s degree from the global partner. The graduate study can be in the student’s own field, resulting in a Bachelor and Master in the same discipline, or a student from any program field at MEF can be admitted to an MBA program or, e.g., a Master in Economics/Finance.
It is the intention of MEF University to be able to announce the global 3+2 partnerships as of the 2014-2015 academic year.
Why a Joint 3+2 Program?

To be employable on the global market place, it is not anymore sufficient to have only one semester of exchange study on your resume. Employers want to see a longer period of stay in another country, and a graduate degree, preferably from a country other than the home country, of the job applicant. The 3+2 programs offer MEF students these two crucial factors that make our graduates truly competitive at both the national and international level.

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