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Prep to Faculty Engagement Program

Prep to Faculty Engagement Program

Furkan Sarilican is a third-year architecture student at MEF and creator of the Prep to Faculty Engagement program.

One of the aims of the Prep to Faculty Engagement program is to encourage people to use English as much as possible; we therefore provide opportunities for this throughout the year. You, the students, are the key to making this program successful, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for the program, please inform Furkan.

The Prep to Faculty Engagement Program is as follows:

Level 1 students:

A presentation by faculty students, followed by a question and answer session. This will be held some time in October, and students will get access to a Google Form which they should complete if they want to attend.

Level 2 students:

A series of 'coffee hours'. Each hour will be hosted by the Dean of each faculty, in turn, and will be an opportunity for students to ask them questions about what they should expect when they join their faculty. The sessions will be limited to 20 participants, and students will get access to a Google Form to register.

Level 3 students:

Level 3 students have the opportunity to be paired up with a mentor faculty student from their department. Their mentor will be available to give them support and advice on what to expect in faculty. Students who are interested in this should contact Furkan: 

 Level 4 students:

Arrangements are being made for L4 students to be able to visit/observe lessons in their faculty. This is most likely to start in Module 2, so will be on offer to students who are attending Elective courses in Module 2, and students who have passed L3 at the end of Module 1.

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