Center for Research and Best Practices in Learning and Teaching

CELT Advisory Board

CELT Advisory Board

The CELT Advisory Board: The CELT Advisory Board was convened by the CELT Director with the approval of the Rector and consists of a core of ten representatives including the CELT Director, the Instructional Technologies Coordinator and representatives from all faculties and schools. Throughout the year, the CELT Advisory Board is joined by guest speakers or temporary members depending on the issues that arise.

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the CELT Advisory Board consists of:

Caroline Fell Kurban - Director of the Research Center for Learning and Teaching Practices - 
Dinçer Ozoran - Instructional Technologies Coordinator -
Doğu Özdemir - Writing Center Coordinator
Ertuğrul Akyol - Educational Support Coordinator  -
Semen Son - Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences -
Zelha Tunç - Faculty of Education -
Ahmet Sezgin - Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture -
Sevinç Ensarı - Faculty of Law -
Dante Dorantes - Faculty of Engineering -
Joel Compton - School of Foreign Languages -

If you have any suggestions or issues that you would like to raise with the CELT Advisory Board, please speak to your representative.

Please click on the link below to access meeting minutes.
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