External Advisory Board

Murat Yalnızoğlu

An Industrial & Systems Engineer, from Boğaziçi University (B.Sc) and University of Florida (M.Sc.), and a management consultant by profession. Started consulting career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in 1989 and continued with Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) and ARGE Consulting in Istanbul. Current professional works include independent board membership in three listed and two private companies, consulting several medium size family businesses in competitive strategies and organizational health, and teaching Business Consulting course at MEF University. His management consulting clients were mostly multi-business Turkish enterprises, seeking to enhance management effectiveness. Consulting works entailed corporate and competitive strategy formulation and execution, organizational development, a big challenge in multi-business corporations, and implementation of various effectiveness programs, such as total quality and lean management. 

e-mail:  yalnizoglum@mef.edu.tr

Meltem Kayhan, Ph.D.

Meltem Kayhan received her undergrad degree from İ.T.U in industrial engineering and started her Ph.d at Clemson after completing  her masters in industrial management. She has a Ph.d in Industrial Engineering ,  in demand forecasting for fmcg products. She also worked as a lecturer at Clemson between 1991-1993. During this period she joined international university-industry collaborated strategic business and system simulation projects which inspired her to seek a related career after returning to Turkey. She established R & D-Strategic Planning and Business Development departments at Migros and directed the department group with different business units additions for 14 years. Led and sponsored more than 30 pioneering projects-start-ups in her organization and holding company. She has conducted joint projects with European Union, public and university in a wide range of process architecture, digital transformation, business intelligence, new business- new product, CRM area. After 15 years of intense experience in brand and employee loyalty programs, operation and performance development, she has stepped up to establish her own consulting company. Since 2011, her team has been working on corporate structuring, organization and system modelling for different sectors and brands, developing new business, brand and channel and providing a wide range of solution consulting services to companies for agile efficient and sustainable business models and management processes.

During her career, she has lectured different courses at different programs in Turkey and abroad. She has returned to her academic studies in 2012 and joined Beykent University. Her academic curiosity and interests are demand dynamics, consumer behaviour, generation preferences, supply chain and operations management. Meltem Kayhan is also the executive director of the KUMPEM Koç University Migros Retail Research Forum, a university-industry collaboration.

e-mail: meltemtkayhan@gmail.com

Berk Orbay, Ph.D.

Berk Orbay received BS in Industrial Engineering in 2008 and MS in Operations Research in 2011 from Middle East Technical University. He got his PhD. from Boğaziçi University in Industrial Engineering in 2016 with his thesis on model selection in financial option pricing. In the professional life, he has experience in public (TBMM), startup (Parlakbirgelecek.com) and research (Boğaziçi University) sectors. Before MEF, he was a gave lectures at Boğaziçi U. and Istanbul Bilgi U. From 2017, he works at Algopoly where he is also a co-founder.

e-mail: berkorbay@gmail.com

Ayça Atalay

Ayca Atalay took her BSc degree from METU Business Administration with honors in 1995 and started his career as an auditor in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, one of the Big Four companies. After experiencing in financial statement analysis and reporting, in 1997 she continued her career as an investment banker at Ata Invest, in one of the prominent domestic investment banks in Turkey. 

During her time at Ata Invest she had worked at various positions as Associate and lastly Director and executed more then 60 IPOs, issued several bonds and as an advisor, advised more than 20 companies  during their M&A process at either buy side or sell side. Currently she is providing consultancy services to Small and Mid Cap companies for various issus including strategic planning, reorganizing and investment financing from capital markets.   
Some of the projects she had executed are; 

  • Executed the 100,000,000 TL bond issue of Netlog Logistics, one of the largest logistics company of Turkey,

  • Advised Akfen Infrastructure Holding in their financing of TASK Dilovası project from EBRD. 

  • Advised TAB Gıda during their strategic planning of Eco System companies and sale of minority shares to Cartesian Capital Group as part of the strategic planning. 

  • Advised Banvit shareholder in its sale of minority shares to Abaar Capital 

  • Advised Arcelor in its bid for the privatization of Erdemir for a total transaction value of $2,7 bn 

  • Advised Privatization Administration during the privatization of SEKA 

Having Level III CMB Licence, she is having her MBA degree (2019) from Bahçeşehir University. She is fluent in English.

e-mail: aycaatalay@gmail.com

Önder Bakal

Önder Bakal received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sakarya University. During her undergraduate program, he continued her education at University College Leuven-Limburg 'da (Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg) for a year within Erasmus student exchange program. He continuing the Master Degree program in Neuro Marketing at Üsküdar University.

Önder has been working e-commerce strategy and business development consultant supporting for retail companies. He is during responsible for e-commerce and digital transformation functions of Yataş Group.
His research areas are E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation,Entrepreneurship

e-mail: onderbakal@gmail.com

Öznur Akman

Öznur Akman graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration and then started to work in an international institution. She has worked in the manufacturing industry for sixteen years in the position of Accounting and Finance Manager in Istanbul and Adana regions. Akman has been involved in many innovations within the institution, including the creation of cost accounting methods, the integration of international accounting standards and internal auditing.

She has completed the Executive MBA at Fordham University and the Master of Business Administration at Kadir Has University in order to pursue academic innovations after many years of experience in the private sector. She is continuing his PhD studies in Business Administration at Beykent University.

Between 2015 and 2018, she was involved in the international scientific project titled "Coming Home: Reverse Migration of Entrepreneurs and Academies in India and Turkey in Light of the Chinese Experience" as the project manager at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The project received gratuitous grant support from the "Research Grant Council (RGC) of Hong Kong".

Akman has a CPA license since 1999 and continues to work in the fields of Accounting, Finance and Auditing at multinational corporations.

e-mail: ozakman@yahoo.com