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Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Do you feel that the current version of your course could be improved? Are you not sure if you are using the best teaching/learning practices for your course topic and students? Do you think observing another teacher can help your teaching? Do you want your lesson to be observed by an experienced teacher and reflect on your teaching together? If your answer to one or more of these questions is yes, one of CELT's Instructional Design services may be ideal for you. CELT offers the following services for faculty members to help meet their teaching-related needs:

  • Instructional Design Support Session

Depending on your needs, this one-to-one session with a CELT team member can revolve around the following topics:

  • Syllabus

  • Lesson planning

  • Pre-class practices

  • In-class practices

  • Online learning

  • Blackboard course design

  • Instructional technologies and tools

  • Assessment

  • A Lesson Observation

If you want your lesson to be observed, a CELT team member can drop into one of your sessions. After your lesson, you can reflect on and discuss your teaching together.

  • Observing a Flipped Class

You can request to observe a CELT member’s class to see the flipped classroom in action.

Please, fill out the form below to request one of the above-mentioned services. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to schedule a meeting.

You can email all your instructional design, pedagogy, and educational technology related questions to 

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