MEF University Signed the Statute of “The Balkan Association of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition” (SIR)


Law faculty professor Prof. Dr. Havva Karagöz, participated in the “Balkan Conference of Study and Teaching of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition at the Beginning of XXI Century”, between October 13-14 that took place in Sofia University.
The aim of this first session was to found “The Balkan Association of Roman Law and Roman Legal Tradition”, creating a platform for jurists to share the issues they encounter, their experiences and new opportunities to participate to major scientific projects. Scholars from every Balkan state, including Turkey, were invited to the session to give presentations on the common problems and new goals or perspectives in learning and teaching of Roman law. Prof. Karagöz delivered her speech on the subject: “Considerations on Teaching of Roman Law in the Republic of Turkey”.
The conference has reached its goal after the signing of the statute of the association. Prof. Dr. Havva Karagöz signed the statue on behalf of MEF University, allowing our faculty to both actively work on the association’s foundation and be a member of it.
For the upcoming sessions, the society’s goal will be to strengthen the relationships between universities and faculty members. Scholars will be able to present their work in Italian, French and English.
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