School of Foreign Languages

VEPT- Proficiency Exam (Stage 2)

VEPT- Proficiency Exam

Those candidates who achieve a score of 81 or more in the MEF ELPP Placement Test (1. Stage) will go on to take the VEPT Online- English Proficiency Exam on 13&14 September 2022. On our website under the heading Announcements and via MEF E-mail address our students will be announced on which date they will take the exam. Our students are required to take the exam on the date specified on the website. This test will determine whether students should enter the Preparatory Program at  Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4, Pre-Faculty Level or whether they have sufficient English to enter their faculty program.
The VEPT is a 50-minute computer-based test with nine sections. It tests reading, writing, listening, and speaking and is aligned to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference. Scores range from 20 to 80.
See below for score bandings, CEFR equivalencies and MEF ELPP alignment.
VEPT (20 – 80) CEFR (A1 – C1) MEF ELPP Level/Faculty
41 or less A2 Level 2
 42 – 47   B1 Level 3
48 – 51 B2- Level 4
52– 55 Mid-B2 Pre-Faculty
 56+ B2+ Faculty

*20 is the lowest score in VEPT Exam. 

Students can click on the links below to view the technical tips and question types in the exam.

'Versant English Placement Test - Demo:

Versant English Placement Test - Item Types :

Students who are placed in MEF ELPP are required to pass the Pre-Faculty Level in order to begin their faculty studies.
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