School of Foreign Languages

Placement Test (Stage 1)

Placement Test (Stage 1)

The Placement Test, which will take place at MEF University campus in Maslak, is a paper-based test containing 100 multiple-choice questions. The students have 100 minutes to answer these questions, which cover grammar, vocabulary and general use of English. Based on the results of the placement test students are either eligible to proceed to the second test or are placed in Level 1 or Level 2 of the preparatory program. Students who do not take this initial test are automatically placed in Level 1, and would be unable to enter the faculty directly at that time. Students who have a sufficiently high score on the placement test continue on to take the proficiency test. Score bandings on this test are as follows:
   Placement Test Scores (0 - 100)    ELPP Level
                        0 – 60      Level 1
                       61 – 80      Level 2
                       81+      VEPT-Second Test
     VEPT-Second Test
Below are five examples of the question-types from the Placement Test:
1.   My father doesn’t like _____ basketball.

A  play      B  to  playing      C  playing 

2.   Sally left school _____ 1992.

A  in      B  on      C  at 

3.   ‘________ you been to New York before?’  ‘No, this is the first time.’

A  Had      B  Has      C  Have 

4.   Let’s go to a restaurant. We don’t have ________ to cook for dinner.

A  nothing      B  anything      C  something 

5.   She ________ me if I could teach her Italian.

A  said      B  told      C  asked 

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