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Knowledge and Experience of 47 Years

MEF University, which admitted its first students in the academic year 2014-2015, aims to become a university that keeps entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity in the foreground and has the ability to create global and local value-added with its distinct educational model.

Flipped Learning

Rapidly advancing Information technology is encompassing and changing all aspects of our lives from how we interact with each other, the way we read books, the way we order food, how we come together for a business meeting. Why should not our way of learning change too?

Detailed Information

Campus Life

MEF University's campus is located in Maslak, the financial and commercial hub of Istanbul. The campus is conveniently located within walking distance of the ITU Maslak Metro Station. The campus where students can meet all of their daily needs provides many opportunities for an enriched student life and an accessible platform for culture and arts located right next to the campus will enable students to experience a quality of life that goes beyond the beliefs. Our students will be able to keep up with cultural and artistic events thanks to the complex next to the campus and they will also have the opportunity to get to know local business life thanks to the important and central location of Maslak. With its modern classrooms and areas for social life, MEF University Maslak Campus is awaiting you.

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