Message from the Director of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering

At MEF University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, we aim to carry out studies and open programs that will make significant contributions to the potential of conducting research, producing knowledge, developing technology, and training scientists in our country and on a global scale. We have started our work in this direction by opening graduate programs focused on current issues. Our programs, which are offered on current and important subjects such as Big Data Analytics, Information Technologies, Construction Project Management, and Architectural Design, where there is a great need for trained manpower in our country and all over the world, will be offered with the quality and innovation-oriented approaches implemented by our University in education and training processes.

We aim to train the researchers of today and the future in our programs where courses are given after working hours, lectures are supported by in-class applications, and result-oriented, technology-supported flexible learning methods are applied so that researchers working in the sector can participate in the programs. We welcome friends who want to reach the next level in their careers to our University, located on public transportation routes in Maslak, in the middle of Istanbul.

Hope to see you among us,