Message from the Arıkanlı Holding Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Arıkanlı Holding conveys the following message: The foundations of Arıkanlı Holding were laid with MEF Dershaneleri, an educational institution established in 1972. The structure, which continued to provide educational services with MEF Schools founded in 1996, was merged under Arıkanlı Holding in the same year to "ensure strategic unity and coordination" among other companies. 

Building on its achievements in the education sector, in 1998, Arıkanlı Holding introduced MEF International Schools, which caters to the children of foreign nationals. Today, Arıkanlı Holding is engaged in various sectors, including education, transportation, media and broadcasting, insurance, industry, and construction.

Arıkanlı Holding, a well-established and successful organization in Turkey, has always strived to create value and contribute to Turkey under the responsibility of its educational identity, achieving numerous firsts in the sectors it serves. 

Our holding's founder, Dr. İbrahim Arıkan, with an educational background and driven by a lifelong devotion to education, aimed to cultivate individuals who make a positive impact on society. In line with this goal, Dr. İbrahim Arıkan Education and Scientific Research Support Foundation has crowned the success and experience at MEF Educational Institutions with MEF University at the higher education level. With its inaugural student intake during the 2014-2015 academic year, MEF University promptly aligned with the vision of Arıkanlı Holding and provided evidence that it would educate students who make valuable contributions to both our nation and the global community, as indicated by its achievements in the first year.

In line with the vision of its founder, Dr. İbrahim Arıkan, the Board of Directors of Arıkanlı Holding aims to ensure the perpetuity of all levels of MEF Educational Institutions. Arıkanlı Holding is committed to providing all necessary support to the entire academic and administrative staff, starting with the Rector, to enable MEF University to achieve the highest standards of excellence in higher education in Turkey and worldwide.


Arikanli Holding Board of Directors
Ümit Arıkan, Chairman of the Board
Eda Arıkan, Member
Hakan Subaşı, CEO and Member

Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No. 4 34396 Sarıyer - İstanbul