The Foundation Behind Us

As leaders in quality education in Turkey with their national and international schools, the MEF Educational Institutions’ fundamental objective has been to strengthen their lasting mission in the field of education with a university.  

The MEF Educational Institutions have created a difference in education with their accumulation of knowledge and experience of 50 years, and MEF University was established by the İbrahim Arıkan Education and Scientific Research Foundation with the aim to carry on this success at the level of higher education. 

MEF University, which admitted its first students in the academic year 2014-2015, aims to become a university that keeps entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity in the foreground and has the ability to create global and local value-added with its distinct educational model. 

MEF University has completed all of the necessary preparation to become a university that can respond to the requirements of the current century, have its diploma recognized world-wide, and hold a place of high esteem with its international academic and administrative organization, dynamic and accessible management approach and its innovative and environmentally-conscious approach in creating its physical infrastructure. 

Arıkanlı Holding

The foundation of Arıkanlı Holding dates back to year 1972 when the MEF Tutoring Schools were established. Arıkanlı Holding A.Ş. was founded in 1996 when all the affiliate companies were joined together under one roof to achieve "strategic synergy and coordination". 

Today, Arıkanlı Holding has achieved major success in the fields of education, transportation and logistics, media and publishing, insurance, industry and construction, and acts as an umbrella organization of a chain of investments encompassing 29 companies.  

Arıkanlı Holding is known and recognized for being on the cutting edge. In this context, the companies established by Arıkanlı Holding have managed to make their names among the most established and successful corporations in Turkey. These are: 

  • MEF Schools

  • MEF International Schools

  • Yurtiçi Kargo (Cargo)

  • Yurtiçi İnşaat (Construction)

  • İris Bağcılık (Grapery)

  • Enmersan Granit Mermer (Granite and Marble)

  • Günarı Mermer (Marble)

  • 1000 Volt Post Prodüksiyon (Post-production)

Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No. 4 34396 Sarıyer - İstanbul