Message from the Founding Chair of Board of Trustees

Dear Prospective MEF University Students,

Our educational history started with the MEF Tutoring Schools in 1972. From 1996, MEF Schools were established at the pre-school, primary school, secondary school and high school levels serving both national and international students. In these institutions, we have educated more than two hundred thousand young people who have the ability to question and carry out research, who have self-confidence and leadership skills. At the MEF Educational Institutions, we have been pioneers in innovation in the field of education. Naturally, our greatest sources of pride and motivation are the globally responsible, honest, fair and brave young people who have been educated under the umbrella of MEF. 

After 43 years of experience and achievements, the MEF Educational Institutions have decided to apex their structure with an institution of higher education. MEF University will open for enrollment at its Maslak campus - the business and commercial center of Istanbul - in the academic year of 2014-2015. MEF University aims is to become an important center of science that will meet the higher education needs of the society, contribute to the socio-economic development of our country, and introduce innovative methods in higher education. 

Rather than just providing knowledge that would be enough for a particular career, tertiary education should be aimed at establishing a mental attitude in students such that it enables them to acquire the knowledge and experience they will need throughout their lives; and, to educate further generations proficient in all aspects of life. We have founded MEF University with the mission of graduating students who possess the ability to compete at the national and international level, connect their national identities with global values, continuously improve themselves, master technology, act respectfully towards the environment, respect societal and ethical values, and exhibit creative, entrepreneurial and leadership qualities. 

Similarly to what we have achieved at the MEF Schools, we will strive to educate our students to become individuals who can discuss every topic or issue, express their opinions, question everything, so as to have developed not only a professional specialization, but a true vision and an attitude towards life. 

With our educational model that provides our students with the most advanced technology and facilities, we aim to enrich the intellectual world of our students, to help them develop themselves in all areas they are interested in during their education, and to ensure that they will become individuals that assume responsibility toward their society. Through our new educational model, we will change the mentality in higher education in a similar vein to the innovations we previously implemented in the primary, secondary and high school education at the MEF Schools. With the new teaching and learning model that we will implement, we will restructure the active learning environment in classrooms. 

My ambition so far has been to create a contemporary educational environment of high standards for our students. Our greatest motivation in this effort has been the pride in the bright young people who have been educated with the thrill and zeal for achieving the very best that is entrenched in our institutional culture. I feel excited about experiencing the same pride with MEF University. My wish is to educate students in the light of science and MEF values, to graduate students who are responsible towards their country and the world, who are honest, fair and respectful towards the freedom of speech and belief, and to feel proud of their success. 

I would like to invite you to become part of MEF in order to share this enthusiasm and pride. 

Dr. İbrahim ARIKAN

Curriculum Vitae

Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No. 4 34396 Sarıyer - İstanbul