Prof. Dr.



Ali Rıza Çınar worked for many years as a judge, public attorney, chief public attorney, supreme court of appeals prosecutor and member of the supreme court of appeals. He also taught at Ufuk University, Academy of Justice, and Turkish National Police Academy. He participated in the study entitled “Efficiency of the Criminal Cases in Turkey” conducted collaboratively by Max-Planck Institute in Federal Germany and Marmara University Criminal Law and Criminology Research Center. He received scholarship for research at Trier University, Frankfurt Goethe Institut, and Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht in FREIBURG. He worked as a member in various scientific commitees. He contributed to the preparation of drafts and to discussions at the Turkish Grand National Assembly Justice Commission for the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237, and the Code of Criminal Procedure numbered 5271. He published extensively in his field of study. His books are entitled “Violation of Dwelling Immunity”, “Duress”, “Penalties in Turkish Penal Law”, “Appeal in Criminal Procedure”, “Appeal in Turkish and German Criminal Procedure Law”, “Principle of Prohibition of Aggreviatin of Penalties and its Consequences”, "Juvenile Criminal Law". Between 1993 and 1996 he held office at the Ministry of Justice as Assistant Manager at the General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations. He retired voluntarily from the Supreme Court of Appeals and joined MEF University Faculty of Law in 2014. Between 2014 and 2018, he served as a member of the MEF University Senate and Head of the Public Law Department of the Faculty of Law. He served as a member of MEF University Board of Directors between 2018-2022. Since 2023, he has been a member of the MEF University Senate.

Research areas

Criminal and Criminal Trial Law, Juvenile Criminal Law Sanctions in criminal law, Criminal private law; crimes of violation of residential inviolability, the crime of collapse of structures due to the effect of earthquake, the crime of threats and the crime of violation of traffic safety due to the effect of alcohol, Criminal trial law; illegal evidence, judicial independence, the subject of the judgement and the legal remedies of appeal and appeal, protection measures
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