Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing system and network management,

  • Receiving information systems requests and solving problems,

  • Carrying out the necessary maintenance and update works for the systems to work in a quality and integrated manner,

  • Providing support for the needs of units by following hardware and software technologies,

  • Ensuring the regular flow of information on the university's internet and intranet systems and following up the processes,

  • Providing consultancy and training support on issues related to information systems,

  • Ensuring Information Security,

  • To be responsible for project management in the needs of the university related to information technologies,

  • Providing high speed and quality internet connection to stakeholders,

  • Realization of inventory tracking,

  • Realization of the procurement process for Information Systems and supplier management,

  • Fulfillment of the responsibilities given by the manager and within the scope of the field,

  • Managing and coordinating the team reporting to him/her, performance monitoring and development of the team,

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the information it has due to its duty.

Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. No. 4 34396 Sarıyer - İstanbul