Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering

MEF University Computer Science and Engineering PhD program invites professionals who trained in the related fields of graduate programs and candidates who want to become academicians to specialize in his field.

It is aimed that PhD candidates will gain the ability to conduct scientific research in the fields of data sciences, computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as support their institutions by progressing in both academic and R&D fields. Candidates who will graduate from the CSE PhD program will be encouraged to continue as researchers in the R&D units of the companies and the relevant research institutes of the universities.

PhD candidates who have master's degree in CSE or have related degrees can contribute according to the field, such as software engineering, smart network management and IoT, business intelligence analytics, big data analytics, system analysis, business analysis, cloud computing management, data science and engineering. It is aimed to recruit candidates who have strong background in CSE program to manage their development in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern and image processing and similar expertise.

Computer Sciences and Engineering doctorate program has given in many universities in our country and in Istanbul, but it is aimed to both guide young people with different perspectives in the heart of national and international business centers in Maslak and to "train 500 thousand software developers in 2023" set forth by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey.

With the CSE PhD program, it is also among our goals to provide training and research opportunities to fill the gap in this field. We are confident that we will contribute to the training of doctoral students in order to improve the Research and Development processes of our companies that are carrying out Tübitak Teydeb projects in the field of Information Technologies.

Courses are given in the center of Istanbul at the campus of MEF University in Maslak, and classes are held between 18:30 and 21:30 on weekdays and at weekends so that students working in the public and private sector can participate in the program without interrupting their work.