MBA Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Programs

The challenging competitive conditions of today's business environment necessitate individuals and managers to continuously enhance themselves to be innovative, differentiate themselves, and directly contribute positively to companies' success by showcasing this differentiation, both individually and corporately. Designed for professionals aspiring to advance in management positions in companies, aiming for success in both local and global markets, our MBA programs focus on:

  • rapidly evolving market requirements

  • the impact of new technologies and business domains on the corporate world

  • emerging trends and developments that will shape the future

  • complex economic, geographical, and political equations

  • strategic factors of paramount importance, such as how individuals and organizations can position themselves in such circumstances

Through a focus on these factors, participants are equipped with diverse knowledge, skills, and perspectives in management.

In our programs, this knowledge is reinforced through real-life case analyses and group discussions, enriched by theoretical and practical presentations from both academic and industry-experienced instructors.

The programs offered within the scope of MBA Programs are as follows:

  • MBA in English, Non-Thesis

  • MBA in English, Thesis

  • MBA in Turkish, Non-Thesis