English Language Teaching Internship Experience

Thanks to the "University in School" model used in the MEF University Faculty of Education since 2014-2015 academic year, teacher and psychological counselor candidates start to be in the field of education from the first year. Although the first two years of university courses are mostly theoretical, candidates gain experience in public schools.

Teacher candidates gain four-semester internship experience through the University in School model. MEF University Faculty of Education is unique in providing four-semester internship experience in Turkey. We have internship agreements with seventy-two private and public institutions.

Internships take place two full days a week in the third year and three full days a week in the fourth year. The purpose of the 3rd-grade internship; getting familiar with school and classroom environment, observing lessons, having close relationships with students, attending parent meetings and group meetings, and doing small group lessons. The teacher candidate is the academic assistant of the teacher at the school. In addition to these, each teacher candidate prepares a lesson plan of at least one hour in each semester in the 3rd grade and teaches it to the whole class. At the end of the third year, approximately 72 days or 576 hours of internship is done.

In the fourth grade internship, the teacher candidates are in their assigned schools for 3 full days a week. They attend the school like normal teachers during the seminar period of the schools. It usually starts in private schools in August. The aim of the 4th-grade internship is to take the experience gained in the 3rd grade a little further. In this context, teacher candidates are actively involved in the school. By teaching for at least 15 hours in the first semester and at least 25 hours in the second semester, they develop skills related to course preparation, lesson implementation, classroom management, and time management. At the end of the 4th grade, approximately 108 days or 1080 hours of internship is completed.

Our teacher candidates and psychological counselors who graduated with an average of 1600-2000 hours of internship experience in the last 2 years are ready to start working as experienced teachers and psychological counselors.

Teacher candidates in the third and fourth grades share their internship processes at the University within School Symposium at the end of each semester. The education practitioners (teachers, administrators, MoNE officials) evaluate these presentations in cooperation with the University. With the University within School model, we carry out the education of teachers / psychological counselors in cooperation with the practitioners both throughout the process and as assessment.

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