Dean's Message

Dear Students, 

Welcome to MEF University, Faculty of Education. You made the best choice possible to get an innovative, high-quality university education. After graduation, you will be one of the most successful leading names in the field. You are in the best place to learn how to speak with the world, work with the world, and compete with the world. If you can respect all people regardless of their race, language, or religion, and if you can love all children regardless of their color, culture, or individual differences, welcome to MEF. If you believe that “education is change,” “everybody can learn” and “everybody can change,” you chose the right profession. If you want equality and justice, and if you believe that “education equalizes those who are born unequal,” you are at the right place. I sincerely congratulate you if you want to be an educator in order for all children to be happy, grow up together as brothers and sisters, love their countries, protect the environment, learn democracy, become knowledgeable, skillful and virtuous, and to create a better and beautiful world. Welcome to MEF, where you will develop to your full potential, to be best in your future profession and to challenge the world. 

You made the best choice by coming to MEF because we are going to change the world. By the highest international standards, we will be the best, you will be the most capable. We all work together and are going to create an equal, just, democratic and beautiful world. You will be able to contribute to the well being of your country and entire humanity. We are ready to start. All of our faculty members have Ph.D.s from internationally recognized universities in the United States and Turkey. All of them have K-12 and college teaching experience. Our curriculum is sensitive to the highest national and international standards as well as individual interests, abilities and differences. Our modern educational methods will make you the leader of the learning process. You will learn by researching, inquiring, experiencing and doing. Our model for the education of educators is University Within School.  The model integrates theory and practice and provides an equal balance between them. It brings together K-12 teachers and counselors, college faculty and you, the student, for research, guided practice and development in the context of the workplace. As the “first” and the “best,” we are creating an internationally recognized “signature model” for the education of educators. By implementing the University Within School, not only our educators but all educators will be better prepared and not only our children but all children will be better educated, so that, the world will be a more equal, just, democratic and beautiful place. I congratulate you for making the best choice. Welcome to MEF University. 

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZCAN