Why Faculty of Education?


Our faculty offers an exclusive academic space with faculty members who have graduate diplomas from abroad, and who are experts in their fields.

University within School

Thanks to the "University within School" model of teacher training, our students supplement their theoretical instruction with extensive practical experience. Thus, they take their place in the field as experienced, competent, and competitive teachers when they graduate.

Active Learning

As our faculty embraces Flipped Learning and Active Learning in general, our students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge, but they are individuals who are active in their learning processes, proficient in technology use, and are autonomous.

Scientific Research Experience

All of our graduates are ready for their academic and professional future as they experience the designing, implementation, and reporting processes of an academic study, as well as dissemination and publication stages, thanks to Scientific Research Experience courses.

Cultural Skills

With the belief that we are training not only teachers, but an entire generation, we are equipping our students with the experience of learning, developing, and performing in a creative field in which they have interests.