Vision and Mission


Our vision is to prepare knowledgeable, skillful, and virtuous educators according to internationally-recognized standards, who will be able to teach all students regardless of their differences and be able speak with the world, work with the world, and compete with the world.


In order to prepare the educators described in the vision, knowledge- and experience-based model— the University Within School— will be implemented.  The implementation of this model requires an academic partnership between MEF University Faculty of Education and MEF K-12 schools. The language of instruction in all MEF institutions is English.  This partnership requires collaboration between faculty members, K-12 educators, and prospective teachers for investigation of educational problems; guided practice of the prospective educators; professional development of K-12 teachers and university faculty; and, more importantly, support for the achievement of K-12 students. A partnership will also be established between MEF University Faculty of Education and public schools. In order for prospective educators to gain international experience, a similar partnership will be established between the MEF University and universities and K-12 Schools in England and the United States. Prospective teachers and other educators will learn their future profession by studying at universities while practicing in real educational settings in partner schools in Turkey and abroad.