Academic Processes


We welcome every student enrolled in our faculty to our orientation events at the beginning of the semester to both introduce our school and inform them about academic processes!

Academic Advisorship

Each student is assigned a faculty member from their department as an Academic Advisor to support them in course registration and other academic processes. When you need support in academic processes, you can get help from your Academic Advisor.

Course Registration

You must register for the courses you will take that semester on the dates announced in the academic calendar at the beginning of each semester. It is extremely important that you register for the courses of your current year on the day specified in the academic calendar.


Students who meet the necessary conditions can start their internships, normally at 6th semester.

Requirements for internships

For Regular Students:

Successful completion of 120 ECTS worth of courses

GPA of 2.00 and above

Successful completion of prerequisite courses

For Irregular Students:

Successful completion of 110 ECTS worth of courses

GPA of 2.50 and above

Successful completion of prerequisite courses

Prerequisite Courses:

English Language Teaching

ELT 211 Approaches to ELT

ELT 210 Teaching Language Skills II

EDS 103 Educational Psychology

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

EDS 103 Educational Psychology

PCG 207 Developmental Psychology I

PCG 210 Developmental Psychology II

Elementary Mathematics Education

EDS 103 Educational Psychology

ELE 202 Foundations of Teaching Numbers, Operations and Algebra

ELE 206 Foundations of Teaching Geometry, Probability and Statistics

You can find detailed information about the internship from the relevant directive.

Double Major and Minor

Students who meet the necessary conditions can enroll in up to 1 Double Major and 1 Minor program or up to 2 Minor programs. You can contact the Directorate of Student Affairs for application and more information.