Research Areas

Speech and Language Processing 

Automatic Speech Recognition 
Statistical Language Modelling 
Speech and Language Processing for Educational Technologies

Next Generation Communication Technologies 

4G/5G Technologies 
Wireless Networks

Signal Processing 

Source Seperation 
Audio Signal Processing 
Image Processing 
Video Processing 
Computer Vision

Embedded Systems 

Embedded Operating Systems 
FPGAs and Microcontrollers 
Microprocessor Based Systems

Circuits and Systems 

Analog Circuits 
Solid-State Lasers 
MEMS Sensors 
Measurement Systems 
Low Power Digital Circuit Design 
Approximate Circuits

Electromagnetic Fields 

Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering 
Inverse scattering
Microwave Tomography Techniques

Machine Learning 

Pattern Recognition 
Deep Learning 
Digital Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms

Robotics, Control ve Mechatronics 

Collaborative Robots (COBOTs) 
Human-Robot Interaction 
Control in Physical Human-Robot Interaction 
Interaction Control (Impedance/Admittance Control) 
Fractional Order Control Systems 
Applications of Machine Learning Techniques for Adaptive Interaction Control

Renewable Energy 

Renewable Energy Systems 
Hydrogen Energy 
Fuel Cells