Dean's Message

Dear Students, 

Rapid advances in science and technology have been causing continuous changes in functioning of the engineering profession. Owing to the improvements in tools/instruments as well as in computation and communication via powerful computers, engineering has been freed from its labor intensive features at a great extend; in turn, it has become ever competitive in terms of the creativity, innovation and the related professional skills. 

With the aim of preparing our students for this competition, our undergraduate programs are formed according to the international accreditation requirements and are carried out by our research oriented, internationally recognized faculty members.

Flipped Classroom practice enables students to leave the classroom with right answers and solutions they determine through their interaction with peers and instructor, instead of leaving with obscurity and unanswered questions.

Synthesizing and applying the classroom learning are accomplished via design projects. These projects bring together students majoring in different fields and thus create platforms of interdisciplinary interactions. Resulting in the manufacture of prototypes of the designed components/systems, these projects contribute considerably to analysis, design and implementation skills of our students and help them uncover their creative and innovative potential towards preparation for real life applications. On the other hand, a rich internship program as an integral part of curriculum provides work experience opportunities to our students.

Other exciting learning pathways, namely 3+1 and 3+2 Double Diploma Programs; Double Major Programs; Erasmus/non-Erasmus Exchange Programs are carried out for maximum benefit of our students.

MEF University engineering programs are accredited by the international accreditation institution ABET for the period of 2018-2028. In these programs, education is offered at universal standards. Objective is to educate internationally employable engineers who will have influence in shaping the future. The fact that the MEF University is the continuation of the renowned MEF Educational Institutions at the level of higher education provides an assurance towards realization of this objective. 

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fevzi ÜNAL