Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory

This lab is used by Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. The students conduct the experiments for the courses given below in this laboratory. Students can also use the laboratory for their course projects and senior design projects.

Related Courses

EE 201 Circuit Analysis Experiments that aim to teach fundamental circuit elements (resistor, inductor, capacitor) and their characteristics, circuit theory (Direct Current and Alternative Current) and measurement techniques are conducted.
EE 203 Digital System Design Experiments consisting of construction, analysis and examination of the higher level circuits using fundamental logic circuit elements are conducted.
EE 206 Analysis of Microelectronic Circuits and Devices Experiments that aim to teach fundamental semiconductor circuit elements (Diode, BJT, MOSFET), their characteristics, circuit analysis and design methods are conducted.
EE 301 Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications Analog and digital communication systems (AM, FM, PAM, PCM, BPSK) are modelled and simulated both in computer environment and on hardware.
EE 303 Systems and Control Control systems are modelled and simulated in computer environment to design efficient control structures (PD, PI, PID) for various applications.
EE 305 Digital Electronics Experiments consisting of semiconductor based realization, analysis and examination of the characteristics of logic gates, circuit structures and memory elements used in digital circuits are conducted.
EE 306 Microprocessors Experiments are conducted using ARM DE1-SoC Development Kit to teach the structure and the fundamental working principles of the microprocessors.
EE 308 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Project Design Studio The laboratory is used for the realization of a term project starting from theoretical background followed by computer modelling, simulation and physical realization.