Payment Procedures and Principles

MEF University offers fee-based education. The fees as well as scholarships, are determined by the MEF University Board of Trustees each year.

Tuition fees can be paid in full or in installments using the following methods:

By accessing the "Financial Information" section on the Student Information System (MEFSIS), students can view the annual fee for the respective year.

During registration, students are charged for the English Preparatory Program. For students who successfully pass the English Proficiency Exam and qualify to start the 1st year, the price difference between the department fee and the English Preparatory Program fee is collected before classes commence.

1.Payments by EFT / Money Transfer to the MEF Bank Account;

Payments to be made by money transfers to MEF Bank account, it is essential to include the student's "Name-Surname" and "Turkish ID Number" in the description. Cash payments (in person) are not accepted.

Bank Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş.
Account Name MEF Üniversitesi
Branch Name 688 – Maslak Şubesi
Account Number 51743829
IBAN TR78 0006 7010 0000 0051 7438 29

2. For Credit Card Payments:

You can pay your tuition fee online using the virtual POS method with your credit card at

You can make your payment online via this link by choosing the one of the options of installments with any credit cards included in the single payment or installment payment option.

After the full payment of the tuition fee through either the single payment or installment option, payment will be completed.

For credit card payments other than online, you can contact the Financial Affairs unit to use the "mail order" method. Alternatively, you can visit the Financial Affairs unit and make a payment through the physical POS device.

Your credit card(s) must have a usable limit that covers the annual program fee. Except for virtual POS, for payments made with credit cards through other methods (mail order and physical POS device), you can use one or more credit cards to make the payment.

3. Payment through the Installment Education System (TEST):

The tuition fee can be paid in 10 equal installments without interest or additional fees by making an agreement with Yapı Kredi Bank (YKB) at any YKB branch, utilizing the Installment Education System (TEST).

Before visiting the bank to make a TEST contract with YKB, you can inquire using the link provided below.

For students not accepted into the TEST system by the bank, school payments can be made either by credit card or through upfront payment to the university's bank account.

Documents Regarding Payments: 

In relation to the paid tuition fees, invoices are electronically generated in the form of e-invoices/e-archives in equal amounts over a period of 9 months (September-May) considering the duration of the educational program. These invoices are sent to our students' email accounts with the extension through a special integrator.

Whether the tuition service fee is paid upfront or in installments, the periodic completion of the service remains unchanged. As a result, educational service invoices will be prepared over a period of 9 months, each in equal amounts.

If it is requested to include company/organization/sole proprietorship information on the invoices related to the tuition fee, an original and signed letter (with an official stamp) from the company/organization must be submitted to the Financial Affairs Unit at the beginning of the payment period. E-archive/e-invoice documents issued under the name of the company/organization/sole proprietorship will be sent to the respective institutions' email addresses.

For questions and inquiries regarding invoices, you can contact the Financial Affairs Unit at the email address

Since Foundation Universities are exempt from Corporate Income Tax, the paid tuition fee cannot be considered as a deductible item on on the Annual Income Tax Declaration.

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