Duties and Responsibilities

The Financial Affairs and HR Directorate serves as General Accounting and Student Accounting, Budget-Finance, Budget, Human Resources and Purchasing sub-units.

  • Preparing the annual budget of the university, submitting it to the approval of the Board of Trustees, and notifying the YÖK of the budget subsequently accepted by the Board of Trustees,

  • Evaluation of the feasibility of investment projects,

  • Monitoring and reporting of all financial transactions, making payments and collections, preparing weekly and monthly cash flow reports,

  • Recording and reporting of all transactions and processes of income-expenses in accordance with Tax Laws and Generally Accepted Accounting Standards,

  • Execution of the financial part of TUBITAK Projects,

  • Evaluation of financial resources within the framework of risk and return principles,

  • Preparation of declarations, uploading the legal book monthly to GİB, fulfillment of tax obligations,

  • Carrying out month-end and year-end closing processes of accounting accounts,

  • Preparing financial statements and reports, presenting them to senior management,

  • Economic Management and Tekmer A.Ş. execution of accounting system and all financial processes, fulfillment of legal obligations,

  • Executing the budget process on the basis of academic and administrative units and preparing the University budget,

  • Preparing monthly financial reports submitted to the Board of Trustees and the University administration,

  • Posting job advertisements, conducting recruitment processes and conducting interviews by the human resources unit in order to meet the academic and administrative staff needs of the institution,

  • Performing personnel employment and exit procedures in accordance with legal regulations and regulations,

  • To take part in the management of the orientation and on-the-job process of new personnel,

  • Preparing daily and monthly periodic payrolls of permanent and part-time employees,

  • Fulfilling obligations to official institutions such as SGK and Employment Agency,

  • Managing the process of obtaining work permits for foreign employees,

  • Managing processes with Occupational Health and Safety, controlling and following the relevant legal procedures,

  • Carrying out the purchasing activities by the purchasing unit, by making the budget control of the purchasing requests coming from the academic and administrative units of the university and within the framework of the rules in the YÖK Tender Regulation,

  • Purchasing products/services at affordable prices, checking and approving incoming invoices, informing the finance department for payment,

  • Making the necessary preparations and reporting to the Board of YÖK for the entire procurement process of the works and processes carried out during the academic year, at the end of the academic year,

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