Duties and Responsibilities

CELT's duties and responsibilities revolve around the following three main processes:

  • Instructional Design and Technology

  • Learning Analytics and Educational Research

  • Techno-pedagogical Training

The following is a more detailed list of what we do and offer:

Instructor Training

  • Coordinating and conducting the orientation for new faculty at the start of the term;

  • Organizing workshops and training programs in response to the needs and requests of faculty;

  • Establishment of learning communities for faculty to interact with each other and the CELT.

Flipped Course Design

Assisting academics in the following:

  • Designing a course from scratch;

  • Redesigning an existing course;

  • Determination of appropriate assessment methods;

  • Determination of appropriate teaching strategies, methods, and techniques;

  • Preparation of interactive course materials;

  • Designing and shooting of instructional videos;

  • Blackboard learning management system (LMS) course design;

  • Providing needs analysis for courses, including Blackboard course design, lesson observations, and learning analytics.

Consultancy for Programs/Faculties

  • Conducting needs analysis to find solutions to potential problems that may arise in teaching and learning processes;

  • Structuring the design and materials of courses in accordance with international quality standards.

To enhance national/international awareness of Flipped Learning

  • Providing expertise in educational projects;

  • Publishing research in Flipped Learning and Educational Technology;

  • Delivering presentations/talks at conferences;

  • Establishing inter-institutional collaborations;

  • Contributing to the development of global-level training for educators.

Instructional Environments

  • Providing consultancy to faculty on the active use of the flipped studio on campus;

  • Following and promoting current and emerging instructional technologies;

  • Providing orientation to new faculty and students on the instructional software and tools they will use in the teaching and learning processes;

  • Preparation of written and visual guides on the use of instructional software and tools;

  • Providing one-on-one technical support to faculty and students on the use of instructional software and tools.

Individualized Academic Consultancy for Students

  • Sharing study and learning tips;

  • Modeling and applying self-regulation and self-reflecting strategies;

  • Following and sharing technologies that facilitate students' learning experience;

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