Job Opportunities

Career prospects for business graduates are abundant. Any human organization you may think of needs a manager. What first comes to mind (and what is aspired by the majority of business graduates) is to be employed by large multinational corporations.  However, business graduates can create value in all sectors and companies of all sizes. For example, in recent years, banks and telecommunication companies have hired large number of business graduates alongside multinational corporations.  

It is a common misconception that business graduates only work in large and well-established companies.  SMEs and family companies are the largest contributors to the Turkish economy, and while striving to increase productivity and move into new markets, they are working on the establishment of professional management structure. Perhaps that is where business graduates might be able to contribute the most (and to advance in their careers the fastest).  

Another place where a business graduate could contribute most significantly is a newly established company. The only way to ensure the sustainability of economic growth and the creation of new employment is entrepreneurship.  Alongside engineers who understand and utilize the new technologies to create added value, we need business graduates who know how to turn a new idea into a business venture.   

It is evident that business graduates are increasingly playing a larger role in the emerging sectors important to our economy, such as logistics, energy, tourism, health care, and education, in addition to the well-known areas of banking, telecommunications and retail. With the present growth of organizations less popular fields such as media, arts, style, sports, and social development, it is fair to expect that the demand for business graduates will increase in these fields as well. 

While providing examples from the private sector, the potential of business graduates in the public sector and NGOs should not be ignored. In every human organization, there is a need for well-educated managers.  

If we need to predict, after five to seven years from graduation, 40% of the MEF business graduates are likely to work in large corporations, 30% in SMEs, 15% in start-ups, 5% in public sector, 5% in NGOs, and 5% in the academia.