Center for Research and Best Practice in Teaching and Learning (CELT)

MOOC-Based Personalized Learning Experience

This pioneering program at MEF University is designed to cultivate a flexible and empowering learning environment for our university students. Its primary aim is to nurture self-directed, lifelong learners, equipping them with skills that significantly contribute to their future careers. In alignment with this goal, MEF University offers its students access to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at no cost for a minimum of one semester. As per the decision in the 2019 senate meeting, under the MOOC-Based Personalized Learning Experience program, students are encouraged to tailor their educational path by selecting from a range of courses to form MOOC bundles. Once students complete the courses in their bundle, they can then have their bundle count toward elective course credits.

This personalized learning experience complements the Flipped Learning model, a cornerstone of MEF University's educational approach. Engaging with MOOCs fosters online self-regulated learning, which is crucial for the success of Flipped Learning. In the 2022-2023 academic year, our partnership with Coursera has expanded the horizons for our students, providing MEF students access to over 200 Coursera courses, over 21 career paths in Course Career Academy, and all Coursera Guided Projects. In addition to Coursera, we have established ongoing partnerships with the following MOOC providers:

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