Instructional Objectives

  • All teaching and learning activities within our program are designed by taking into account the theory of “constructivism” and its principle “learning by doing and experiencing”, which is also embraced by the University within School Model. In order to learn in meaningful ways as opposed to memorization of facts, learning processes in our program are based on acquiring knowledge through real-life experiences. In addition to internship experiences in grades 5th-8th at schools, teacher candidates will participate in research projects with faculty that will help teacher candidates understand and engage in teaching profession both as a practitioner and a scholar. 

  •  Our program holds following specific goals:

  • Educating mathematics teachers for 5th-8th grades in elementary schools. 

  • Developing mathematics teaching materials for elementary schools in grades 5th-8th (daily and yearly lesson plans, teaching and learning activities, manipulatives, and assessment tools to monitor student learning) and sharing such materials with teacher candidates and other teachers. 

  • Conducting research in order to advance the field of mathematics education and sharing results with practitioners and other stakeholders.