Mission Statement

The goal of the B.A. program in English Language Teaching is to educate teachers and educators who are up-to-date with the developments in the field worldwide, who can communicate and interact across disciplines, who are “dependent” to the principles of modern education, who are capable of scientific and critical thinking, who are tech-literate to an advanced level.

Being competent in English, which in the present has an important role across the globe, is especially crucial. In this context, providing an education that is internationally competitive and conscious of the interacultural matters becomes an important issue. Presenting our prospective English teachers with information, awareness, skills, and practices that are relevant to the issues of diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, one of the leading principles for our program is to provide critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration and co-operation, and creative thinking skills, which are especially relevant in the 21st century where rapid developments are seen and expectations follow suit. Finally, our program has been shaped through objectives like advanced digital literacy, keeping up with technological developments, and ability to implement these skills in the educational and professional contexts.