General Information

Legal clinics are a model in legal education that prepares law school students for legal practice through active learning. Among the modern instructional techniques oriented towards practice, legal education is particularly suitable for this highly effective and beneficial method. Through this method, the aim is to engage law school students interactively in the learning process and enable them to learn through practical experience.

The Legal Clinic course, which was first introduced in the 2016-2017 Academic Fall Semester, has been offered regularly in every term since then, ensuring continuity in practical legal education.

Until the 2018-2019 Academic Spring Semester, MEF Law Clinic provided legal knowledge in areas such as civil law, law of obligations, family law, consumer law, criminal law, etc., to MEF University Law School students who have gone through a certain formation within the scope of MEF School Law Clinic Club, and conducted activities to help high school students gain legal literacy.

Starting from the 2018-2019 Academic Spring Semester, the scope of the course was expanded and legal clinics were diversified. In this context, a collaboration agreement was signed with Istanbul Bar Association to establish a sustainable and evolving legal clinic system. During the execution of clinic studies, support is also obtained from Bar associations, civil society organizations, and mediation centers. In addition to the daily life legal clinic, which was conducted by providing classes to high school students in previous terms, the course includes a pro bono legal clinic where students will engage in real case studies and client consultations under the supervision of lawyers appointed by Istanbul Bar Association, a legislative clinic where they will draft proposals for legislative improvements, and a practice-oriented legal correspondence clinic and simulation clinic conducted under the guidance of lawyers.

A collaboration agreement has been established with the Istanbul Bar Association in the field of Legal Clinic, and the clinic's activities are ongoing at the Bar Association.

Click to access the Collaboration Protocol on Legal Clinics between Istanbul Bar Association and MEF University. (only in Turkish)