Program Objective

MEF University Faculty of Law aims to educate legal professionals with a strong sense of justice and social responsibility, capable of comprehending not only the existing legal rules but also the general principles of law, thinking analytically and critically, and adopting an objective approach. Our goal is to support creative, open-minded, versatile students, and researchers. To achieve this, both traditional educational tools and innovative methods such as Flipped Classroom are employed.

Program Profile

Our program aims to train legal professionals who possess a strong sense of justice and fairness, advanced language and expression skills, competence in the field of legal science, and the ability to create legal rules. Graduates should be proficient in applying existing legal rules, expressing their professional skills creatively, mastering the fundamental principles of law, having proficiency in legal English, and being able to perform their professions in both the public and private sectors. The program's most distinctive feature is its strong and expert academic staff, as well as the use of the "Flipped Learning" model for certain law courses, which is a new emerging approach worldwide. In line with our objectives, the program includes a wide range of elective courses covering topics of societal importance such as refugees, violence, gender, neuroscience, information technology, health, and the environment. Among the performance courses that enhance language and expression skills, there are also courses focusing on cinema, literature, and art from a legal perspective. The program also incorporates new educational techniques to enhance practical legal skills, such as internships, certificate programs, a legal clinic providing students with the opportunity to apply legal knowledge to practical situations, and courses simulating courtroom proceedings. To enhance legal English proficiency, at least 30% of the total credit hours for elective and required courses are allocated to English-taught courses as a graduation requirement. Regular conferences, seminars, and panels are organized to support intellectual life based on industry and academic foundations.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of MEF University Faculty of Law, with their comprehensive legal formation, can pursue careers in judiciary, prosecution, governorship, notaryship, and law practice. They can also take on roles in public institutions, as well as in the private sector, including banking and financial institutions, due to their diverse skill set.