Upon Graduation

Legal education offers students a wide range of opportunities to work in various fields. MEF University Faculty of Law, with its experienced faculty and rich curriculum, will provide its students with the opportunity to direct their professional lives according to their preferences.

The majority of Faculty of Law graduates work as lawyers. In addition to the core courses, the numerous elective courses that students can choose based on their interests will enable our graduates to specialize in their areas of interest, learn how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice, and thus be beneficial to those who aspire to progress in the field of law. Similarly, graduates can provide legal consultancy services to banks, international companies, international organizations, and foreign individuals and entities.

Our curriculum includes a wide range of public law courses, both mandatory and elective. This allows students to build the necessary foundation to work as legal advisors in public institutions and organizations. The importance placed on foreign languages, particularly English, in our Faculty and the elective courses offered to support the use of foreign languages in the field of law enable students to work in international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and to acquire the necessary skills for diplomacy.

Faculty of Law graduates can also work as judges and prosecutors. The formation we aim to provide will prepare our students for the entrance exams and the practice of these professions. Our graduates will also be qualified to work as notaries.

The emphasis on theoretical courses in our curriculum will help students develop a solid legal foundation, facilitating those who aspire to become academics.

In addition to these, Faculty of Law graduates have job opportunities in non-legal fields as well. There are opportunities for interdisciplinary work and employment in fields such as communication, economics, business, and politics.

Upon graduation, job opportunities include:

Legal practice (lawyer)

Judicial careers (judge, prosecutor)


Consultancy, legal advising



Communication, economics, business, politics