Internship Clinic

The aim of the Internship Clinic is to contribute to the development of students' professional knowledge, skills, and values by directing students who take the elective "Internship" course worth 2 ECTS credits at MEF University Law School to Adli Yardım Bürosu (Legal Aid Bureau) headquarters and branches where they can do their summer internships and to volunteer lawyers registered with the Istanbul Bar Association; The aim is to have them work with lawyers who are appointed by Istanbul Bar Association, among those who volunteer for the internship clinic, to support the students' work in the process of following and resolving pro bono cases and other legal matters. In addition, students also act as assistant mediators alongside volunteer mediators directed by Istanbul Bar Association and under their supervision. The services and activities provided by the MEF University Internship Clinic primarily cover areas related to human rights, women's rights, children's rights, rights of persons with disabilities, animal rights, consumer rights, etc. The legal processes of applications accepted by the clinic are conducted voluntarily and in accordance with the rules of legal profession, with no intention of financial gain. Students participating in these activities within the clinic structure carry out their work under the framework of the Legal Clinic course, which is an elective course with 2 ECTS credits.