There are 2 compulsory internship courses in the curriculum of the MEF University Department of Economics. The students are required to complete 20 working days for the ECON 200-Internship I course and 30 working days for the ECON 300-Internship II course. The students who complete the internship courses will have the opportunity to get to know the professional working environments, and to see the application of the knowledge gained at the university in the practical work environment.

The main stages of the compulsory internship process are listed below.

Before the internship:

1. It is the student’s responsibility to find an institution for an internship. You can apply to our university's Professional Development Coordinator for counseling/guidance.

2. The student who decides to do an internship and finds the internship place fills out the application form completely and has it signed by the authorized person of the company where he/she will do the internship, and sends the signed form to the internship coordinator ( ) at least 10 days before the start of the internship.

Application forms are available at the links below.

ECON 200
ECON 300

3. The internship coordinator checks the form and may request corrections or further information if necessary. Then, the coordinator approves and signs the form and sends it to the student.

4. The student uploads the form approved by the internship coordinator to the link below to forward it to the MEF University Human Resources (MEF IK) unit.

5. After the Social Security Insurance (SSI) entry is made, an information mail is sent to the students by the HR department. After the SSI entry is made, the student can start his internship. During this process, additional documents may be requested from students by the HR department.

After the internship:

1. The student enrolls in the relevant internship course (The EC 200 course for the 20-day internship, The EC 300 course for the 30-day internship) in the term following the completion of the internship. For example, relevant courses are selected in the following fall semester if the internship is held in the spring or summer, and in the following spring semester if the internship is held in the fall semester.

2. After the student registers for the course, he/she prepares the internship file consisting of the internship report and the internship diary. Later, he/she submits this file with the internship evaluation form approved by the company representative to the internship coordinator until the end of the fourth week of the semester. The internship coordinator reviews the submitted report and notifies the student whether a change is required in the internship report.

You can find the detailed information on how to prepare the internship file in the link below:

MEF University Department of Economics Internship Report
Internship Evaluation Form

3. The internship report is evaluated by the internship coordinator at the end of the relevant semester, and the student's letter grade is reflected in the transcript.

You can find detailed information about the internship process and answers to frequently asked questions in the documents below.

Economics Internship Principles
Frequently Asked Questions

Voluntary Internship

Our students may do voluntary internships if they desire after completing their compulsory internship courses. The application process for the voluntary internship is the same as a mandatory internship. When the internship is over no document is submitted and the student does not enroll in any course.

Voluntary Internship Application Form

For your questions about the internship, the contact information of the program coordinator:

Muhammed Abdullah Altundal ( )