Online Platform Courses

Dear Students,

Our MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) program, which aims to provide you with the vision of lifelong development and learning and to support you in current areas where you want to improve yourself, continues. Below are the important points about the courses you will take from MOOC platforms and details on how to take the courses:

  • For undergraduate students enrolled from 2019 onwards, during the undergraduate education period, it is required to take at least 1 course from edX, Coursera, or other massive open online course (MOOC) platforms approved by the department MOOC coordinator (for the Psychology department; Dr. Yalçın Akın Duyan-, not less than 4 ECTS and not exceeding 30 ECTS.

  • For the course to be considered "passed", the content interaction rate of Personalized Learning Experience courses must be at least 70%.

  • Only elective courses can be taken from MOOC platforms.

  • Exchange students can take MOOC courses.

  • Minor students cannot take MOOC courses.

  • Personalized Learning Experience (PLE) courses are not counted towards the credit limit.

  • Unless the course is a foreign language learning course, the language of instruction must be English.

  • The courses taken can be at the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • MOOC courses cannot be used for success scholarships.

  • Only courses for which you can obtain a certificate will be recorded on your transcripts. Reports for courses without certificates will not be accepted.

  • Depending on the decision of the University Senate, to receive a "pass" grade from the PLE course, certificates for all MOOCs taken must be obtained, and for each MOOC, a presentation recording of 2-5 minutes, where the student explains the main idea of the course and what they have learned, must be submitted to the MOOC coordinator.

  • MOOC courses are evaluated as "pass" or "fail".

You must obtain approval from your department coordinator before starting the courses.

You can access the list of courses available on Coursera from the link below:

Coursera Course List

To have the courses you take recorded on your transcripts at the end of the spring semester, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Enter the information about the courses you will take (course name, platform to be taken, course link, duration, and elective course slot you intend to count) into the Google Sheets  document shared on Google Drive without changing the specified sample format. (We kindly request that you open it from a computer, enter only your own row, and do not change the information of your classmates.)

  • The Psychology Department’s selectable course credit options are only 5 ECTS. The selected courses will be combined to total 5 ECTS and recorded on your transcripts. Therefore, you must select courses that total 5 ECTS. In addition, MOOC courses can be taken instead of in-field elective courses worth 6 ECTS. In this case, the selected courses will be combined into a total of 6 ECTS and transferred to your transcripts. On the other hand, this rule can be relaxed for students with graduation status or for students who want to receive a certain number of credits and courses with lower ECTS values ​​can be defined. Students in this situation should write their special cases in the Google Sheets document and inform the coordinator professors.

  • A course of 20-25 hours in total is equivalent to 1 ECTS. For 5 ECTS, you must take a course(s) totaling 100-125 hours.

  • To count the courses, you must send your report prepared in English, which includes your certificate and comments about the course (you must write what the course has contributed to you, and what you have learned), and a PDF file in syllabus format consisting of screenshots showing the scope and content of the course (showing your name on the screen) to the online course coordinator ( for evaluation by the last day of the courses indicated in the university's academic calendar. It is recommended to share the Google Drive link by folding each course separately.

You can refer to the frequently asked questions (found in Google Sheets) for all other details.

We also strongly advise you to follow the announcements sent by CELT.

Wishing you a healthy and successful semester.