While there is no requirement for students in the Department of Psychology to participate in internships, the department strongly encourages students to consider such opportunities at hospitals, companies, schools, and similar institutions. The university will provide communication with reliable sources for internship opportunities.

For further information on internships, students are advised to review the available internship information guide below or to contact the department's internship coordinator, Assistant Prof. Neslihan Turnalar Çetinkaya, at the email address with any questions.

Volunteer Internship Process

  1. Find an institution for the internship (Before applying for an internship, the start and end dates of the internship should be determined with the institution where the internship will take place).

  2. Apply for the internship (The form should be filled out through SIS).

  3. Get approval of the institution and department where the internship will take place by the departmental internship coordinator (The approval request of the form filled out through SIS is automatically sent to the internship coordinator. Approvals, corrections, or rejections can be given based on the suitability of the internship place and duration).

  4. Get approval from the institution where the internship will take place (After the approval of the internship coordinator, print out the internship application and acceptance form and have it approved by the company. If requested by the company, our students can generate a document through SIS stating that the entry and exit records for their voluntary internships will be handled by the university).

  5. Upload the internship acceptance and approval form to the system (Scan the approved form by the company and upload it to the "Upload Internship Application and Acceptance Form" link in SIS).

  6. Complete SGK procedures (By no later than 5 days before the internship start date, the fifth step should be completed by the student. SGK entry procedures are conducted by the university. Students can access the SGK employment declaration through SIS).

You can watch the video below for the processes in SIS.