Duties and Responsibilities

  • Registration and archiving of student records,

  • Defining the curriculum in the Student Information System in line with the information received from the faculties,

  • Ensuring the functionality of student course selections and course add-drop process through the system,

  • The semester course schedules prepared by the academic coordinator are defined on the system and delivered to the students,

  • Following up the transfer applications, preparing the application calendar, conditions and quotas in accordance with the legislation and submitting them to the Senate; processing the decision of the Senate into the system and entering it into YÖKSİS,

  • Realization of the necessary official correspondence regarding students who transfer to another university and students who transfer from other universities to MEF University through the Electronic Document Management System, updating their student status on YÖKSİS,

  • Preparation of the application calendar, conditions and quotas in accordance with the legislation and submission to the Senate; processing the decision of the Senate into the system,

  • Checking the graduation conditions of the students, forwarding the lists of students who meet the prerequisites to the faculties; realizing the graduation and diploma procedures of the students in line with the graduation decision of the faculties after their own controls; signing the diploma book and delivering the diplomas to the students,

  • Receiving transfer applications, forwarding them to the faculties and processing the decisions of the faculties into the system,

  • Reflecting student semester fees to the system and sharing them with other relevant units,

  • On the dates specified in the academic calendar, the academic status of the students is examined to determine the students who may be eligible for a merit scholarship, and the relevant list is forwarded to the Dormitories, Scholarships Coordinator,

  • Providing and reporting statistical data in line with the requests received from the relevant units,

  • Realization of official correspondence based on students and institutions,

  • Determining department, faculty and university degrees at the end of each academic year and communicating them to faculties,

  • Preparing the academic calendar and submitting it to the Senate; announcing the calendar approved by the Senate to the students and entering them into the system,

  • Opening the course evaluation survey through the Student Information System and sharing the survey results with academics and administrators,

  • Collection of class reservation requests, realization and follow-up of reservations,

  • Preparation of regulations and directives related to education and training, following the changes,

  • Operation of the Student Information System,

  • Conducting online course registrations,

  • Providing the documents requested by the students and delivering them to the students,

  • Meeting the document requests of students for military service,

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the information it has due to its duty,

  • Fulfillment of other responsibilities assigned by the Administrator and falling within the scope of Student Affairs,

  • Coordinating, performance monitoring and development of the team reporting to him/her.

Classroom Bookings

Reservations for club activities are made through the Sports and Club Activities Coordinator.

Academic and Administrative Staff:
You need to fill out the Classroom Reservation Request Form for your needs such as exams, seminars and additional courses.

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