Diploma-Seeking International Students

MEF University strongly believes that diversity in the classroom enriches the overall quality of education, and “internationalization at home” is part of our global engagement strategy. With all of our academic programs (apart from Law) offered fully in English and aiming to have a 50% international faculty ratio, we are confident to attract a large body of international students. 

The university will be an English language environment in which students of all backgrounds can communicate and share different experiences, thus enhancing cultural awareness and tolerance. Students, both Turkish and international, will establish a network of global friendships, which in turn will nurture international business opportunities after graduation.

To put it briefly, applicants who are considered “international” for admission purposes are citizens of other countries than Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (excluding holders of double citizenship one of which either Turkish or TRNC), citizens of TRNC who have a GCE A/L result, and Turkish or TRNC citizens who have completed their entire high school abroad. So, the applicants always carry a component that is “out-of-the-country” – yurt dışından öğrenci. Please refer to the “Who Qualifies to Apply” for details about the definition.

Candidates who apply in the international student category are admitted based on their high school/lycée diploma and/or recognized national or international university entrance/high school exit examination. The full list of acceptable diplomas/examinations and detailed information about the application procedure may be found below.