Exchange Programs

Why Exchange Study? 

A period spent abroad not only enriches students' lives in the academic sense, but also improves language learning, intercultural skills and self-reliance. Friendships forged while in exchange last for life, an exchange semester on a resume opens doors for graduate study, and employers highly value such a period abroad increasing the students' employability and job prospects.  


The Erasmus program is the flagship initiative of European Commission for the mobility of university students. It was established in 1987, and considered now the most successful student exchange program in the world. Close to 3 million students from 4 000 European higher education institutions have participated so far, and annually more than 230 000 students study abroad thank to the Erasmus program. Turkey joined Erasmus in 2004. Erasmus exchanges and internships are supported by mobility grants from the European Commission and Turkish National Agency. 
MEF University was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in its first academic year for participation in the Erasmus+ programme for 2014-2020, and renewed the Charter for full participation in the new cycle of Erasmus+ covering the years 2021-2027. 

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Non-Erasmus Exchanges 

MEF University’s internationalization strategy has as its integral element geographically balanced network of global partnerships. For sustainability of exchange partnerships, the balance in the number of outwards and inbound students is crucial. It is the aim of MEF University to offer an exchange destination to all of our students who wish to study abroad, and to create an academic and social environment that attracts prospective inbound exchange students and welcomes them with Turkish hospitality at arrival.  

Farabi and Mevlana 

Farabi is an intra-country exchange program between Turkish higher education institutions. There are no mobility grants available for foundation university students in the Farabi program. Mevlana is a new initiative by the Council of Higher Education, supporting non-Erasmus exchanges, especially to neighboring countries and other countries in the region.