Outgoing Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

The Erasmus+ Staff Teaching and Training Mobility applications for MEF University full-time staff are now open. The online application links are further down the page after the eligibility criteria. The application deadline is 26 February 2024.

To qualify, a staff member has to present an invitation from a receiving institution/organization at the time of application, and before the mobility, a staff teaching/training agreement has to be signed by all three parties: the participant, the sending institution and the receiving institution/organization Please find the templates for the staff mobility agreements below.

Qualified applicants are eligible for Erasmus+ mobility grants based on the selection criteria explained further below. The budget currently available will fund four mobilities, and the teaching and training categories are interchangeable.

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA) has to be based on an inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement belonging to your academic unit with another higher education institution holding an ECHE (Erasmus Charter) and consists of at least eight hours of teaching during a minimum period of two days, a five-day stay being the most common. Longer stays are possible up to two months, but the per diem is reduced to 70% of the normal for stays over two weeks. Due to the limited budget resources, we will only fund maximum one-week stays in this call.  Teaching mobility funding can also be used to invite a person from a commercial or non-profit undertaking in a program country (but not from another higher education institution) to teach at MEF.

Staff Mobility for Staff Training (STT) can take place at another higher education institution or a commercial or non-profit undertaking relevant to the staff member’s professional field in the programme countries and an inter-institutional agreement is not required. The length is minimum two days and maximum two months, with each day full of training activities. The per diem is reduced to 70% of the normal for stays over two weeks. Due to the limited budget resources, we will only fund maximum one-week stays in this call. 

Neither teaching nor training mobility can be used for conference attendance. Academic staff members qualify for both teaching and training mobility, administrative staff for training mobility.

This call is governed by the grant agreement 2022-1-TR01-KA131-HED-000053705 and the spending deadline for the budget is 31/07/2024. The planned activity has to be carried out before the aforementioned date.

The Erasmus+ grants for staff teaching and training mobility consists of cost of stay and cost of travel.  Both of these are unit costs, fixed amounts regardless of your spending.  The cost of stay is as below for the different country categories.

Country Categories Countries Daily Cost of Stay (Euros)
1. Country Category Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway 162 EUR
2. Country Category Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece 144 EUR
3. Country Category Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey* 126 EUR

* Only for incoming teaching mobility from other than a higher education institution 

The grant can also be given for one travel day but not for interruption days, i.e. days without teaching or training activity.

The cost of travel is determined by the EU distance calculator (https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/distance-calculator_en ) and the below table.

Distance (km)

Cost of Travel (Euros)

Green Travel
10-99 km

23 EUR

100-499 km

180 EUR

210 EUR
500-1999 km

275 EUR

320 EUR
2000-2999 km

360 EUR

410 EUR
3000-3999 km

530 EUR

610 EUR
4000-7999 km

820 EUR

Over 8000 km

1500 EUR

This is a call for all of those who have an invitation from the receiving institution /organization to submit their documents through the e-devlet interface for MEF University Erasmus+ activities for eligibility check. The links to the application portal are these:

Teaching Mobility

Training Mobility

For Teaching Mobility, select the receiving ECHE holder from the list. For Training Mobility at another ECHE holder, select it from the list; for training at non-ECHE holder, select MEF University as default.

Last day to submit documents: Monday, 26 February 2024.

The selection of participants for teaching and training mobility and grant allocation will be based on the criteria in the national Erasmus program guide and MEF University Senate Resolution taken on 19.11.2019 (Meeting number 2019/65, Article 10):

Criterion Points
First time participant 20 points
Foreign language proficiency B1 5; B2 10; C1 15; C2 or qualified to teach in foreign language; 20 points
Administrative staff in training mobility 20 points
Staff with disability 10 points
War veteran staff, spouse or children of war casualty or veteran 10 points
Those who submit documentation substantiating that they or their families received financial aid from institutions such as AFAD at the time of applying for Erasmus+ 10 points
Departmental Erasmus+ coordinator 10 points
Forming new inter-institutional agreements (in the last one year) 10 points (per agreement)
Digital skills in training mobility 5 points
Activities under National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 5 points
Department or unit that has not benefited from staff mobility before 5 points
Mobility to a country or higher education institution that has not been part of, or has a low number of staff mobility activities 5 points
Mobility to the country of citizenship Minus 5 points

Mobility Agreement for Teaching
Mobility Agreement for Training