Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility Grant Ranking and Allocation for 2024-2025

2024 Erasmus+ Traineeship Pre-Departure Orientation

2024 Erasmus+ Traineeship Ranking Results

What is an Erasmus+ Traineeship?

An Erasmus + Traineeship is an internship/traineeship (minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months) in a company or organization (public or private) in the Program Countries that may be supported by a mobility grant. We pay the mobility grants for two months only. The mobility grants are never guaranteed or meant to cover the full cost of the stay.

For more information:

Students are themselves responsible for finding the traineeship position. Applicants with a TRAINEESHIP LEARNING AGREEMENT SIGNED BY THE RECEIVING ORGANIZATION/ENTERPRISE in the Program Countries will receive +10 points in the ranking. 

1 – Who can apply?

Full-time students who have a CGPA at least 2.20 at undergraduate level or 2.50 at graduate level.

Note 1: For the Erasmus+ Traineeship to count towards the mandatory internship, the conditions and procedure of the mandatory internship need to be met separately. Particularly, mandatory internships usually require four semesters to have been completed prior to the internship. 

Note 2: According to the MEF University Senate Decision dated 09.03.2023 recent graduate traineeship is excluded. Students need to be continuing students till the end of their traineeship.

2 – Application deadlines

Start of applications: 12 February 2024
End of applications: 28 February 2024
Language testing: 01-04 March 2024. Time-slots TBA (applicants will receive an email to book their testing sessions)
Announcement of results: 15 March 2024
Latest withdrawal date: 30 April 2024

3 – How to apply?

The applications will be through this link. Attaching a TRAINEESHIP LEARNING AGREEMENT SIGNED BY THE RECEIVING ORGANIZATION/ENTERPRISE (before the mobility part) in the Program Countries to your application will give you +10 points. Here you can find the template for a traineeship learning agreement.

4 – How many students will be included?

Students will be ranked according to the criteria below. Ranking will be done on program-basis, and the programs allocated mobility grants according to their ratio of eligible students. Within the program, the grants are allocated according to the program-specific student ranking. We pay the mobility grants for two months only. The current budget provides 11 mobility grants, zero-grant students have an unlimited quota.

5– Ranking Criteria

CGPA 50%
Language Proficiency 50%
Children of war casualty and veterans +15 points
Students with disability (with documented evidence of disability) +10 points
Students under protective measures in accordance with Law No 2828 on Social Services and Law no 5395 on Juvenile Protection +10 points
Complete and signed traineeship LA included in the application +10 points
Students who provide documentation confirming that they or their immediate (first-degree) relatives are recipients of financial aid from AFAD +10 points
Traineeship in Digital Skills +5 points
Second time in Erasmus+ (grant or without grant) -10 points
Destination is citizenship country -10 points
Cancellation without notification before the deadline -10 points
Applying to study and traineeship mobility at the same time (deducted from one) -10 points
For the students selected, not participating without an excuse to Erasmus+ related meetings/trainings (to be deducted from the next application round) -5 points
Missing scheduled language proficiency examination (to be deducted from the next application round) -5 points

Method of determining language proficiency for English: Pearson Versant™ test administered by the School of Foreign Languages.

For other languages than English: official language certificate required.

6 – Amount of Mobility Grant

We pay the mobility grants for two months only. Mobility grants are never guaranteed or meant to cover the full cost of the stay. Mobility grants are allocated in the ranking order according to the criteria above. The amounts of mobility grants for the applicants in this round are as in the grant agreement 2023-1-TR01-KA131-HED-00011779, and the 2023 Sözleşme Dönemi Uygulama El Kitabı rules will be applicable.

Program Country categories according to the living expenses Host Program Countries Mobility grant per month
I. and II. Categories Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden 750 €
III. Category Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia 600 €

Note 1: Funding past 31 July 2025 is not guaranteed. “Türkiye ile Avrupa Komisyonu arasında 2024 Yılı Katkı Anlaşması henüz imzalanmamıştır. Bu nedenle, Erasmus+ öğrenci hareketliliği kapsamında yapmış olduğunuz başvuru sonucunda hareketliliğe hibeli ya da hibesiz olarak seçilmeniz kazanılmış bir hak niteliği taşımamaktadır. Hibe alıp almayacağınız veya hibenizin tutarı Avrupa Komisyonu ile imzalanacak anlaşma ve akabinde üniversitenize tahsis edilecek hibe tahsis süreçleri sonuçlandığında kesinleşecek olup, söz konusu anlaşma süreçlerinde yaşanacak gecikmelerden veya aksaklıklardan kaynaklanabilecek maddi veya manevi kayıplardan üniversiteniz veya Türkiye Ulusal Ajansı sorumlu tutulamaz.

Note 2: MEF University reserves the right of asking students who fail to complete the traineeship or the required documentation, to return the mobility grant, fully or partially. To verify the length of stay abroad, MEF University reserves the right of inspecting the students' passport exit-entry stamps.

7 – End Provisions

Nominated students may decline the mobility grant if they so wish. Students who are nominated can withdraw until the announced withdrawal date without any further penalty. If a student withdraws after the withdrawal date, he/she will receive a 10-point deduction in his/her next Erasmus+ application.

8 – Useful Documents

Student Erasmus Charter (TR)
Student Erasmus Charter (EN)
Template for a Traineeship Learning Agreement and Certificate
ISCED Fields of Education and Training