Status of POLS&IR 2022-2023 Graduates

Work Status: No or Yes

No Yes Master Total Work & Master % Changes from the Previous Year
8 16 2 26 64% +24%

DBH GLOBAL İNŞAAT              Construction                                      Civil Engineer


Deloitte                                   Business Consulting and Services       Tax Assistant


Marmara University               Master                                                European Politics & IR


Scoutify                                   Staffing and Recruiting                       Product Manager


Bölgesel İstihdam Ofisi           HR Services                                         Admin. Management


Alltech                                    Biotech Research                                Import Export Assistant


Diler Holding                          Mining                                                 Import Specialist


Rumeli Legal Consultancy       Legal                                                    Intern


Fikirmod Reklamcılık A.Ş        Advertisement                                   Social Media Expert


Ciner Yayın Holding                Media Production                              Social Media Designer


Enerji Piyasaları BUS(EPİAŞ)   Oil and Gas                                         Data & Business Intel


Catexpo                                                                                              Salesperson


Etiya Bilgi Teknolojileri           Information Technology                    HR Specialist


ICBC Bankası                           Banking                                               CEO Office Assistant


Depixen                                   Information Technology                    Data Acquisition


Asimetrik Sound,                    International Trade & Development Foreign Trade Specialist

Lighting &Visual System Inc.              


Università di Milano               Master                                                 ECON & POLS            


Securitas Technology TR         Marketing Communications               Assistant Specialist

Security and Investigations