Important Information About the Internship Process

Dear students,

The important points to follow regarding the POLS/IR Department internship process are:

First, when you are accepted for an internship at an institution, the Internship Coordinator Prof. Ayşegül Kibaroğlu, who will check the suitability of the relevant internship for our department, need to be informed.

If Ayşegül Kibaroğlu approves the suitability of the internship, you must receive an Internship Application Form and Internship Workday Form from Research Assistant Dr. Cansu Güleç.

It is very crucial to keep an Internship Notebook in which you write down in detail what you did for each day during the internship. When your internship is over, your internship diary and/or internship notebook must be approved by your relevant supervisor at the institution where you completed your internship, and the Internship Evaluation Form written about you must be submitted in a sealed envelope.

The second type of document you will submit when applying to the institution or company where you will do your internship and when you do your internship is a letter stating that your insurance will be paid by MEF University when you are accepted for the internship. You can get this letter from our Faculty Dean’s Office Secretary Ms. Selin Taşçı.

Some institutions request a letter from the school stating that the internship is compulsory. In this case, please contact Dr. Cansu Güleç.

You can use the links below for transactions you can make without having to go to our University’s Financial Affairs Directorate. The Social Security Institution notification form must be filled out at least 5 days before the internship starting date. Please also fill out the forms below:

Compulsory Internship SSI Notification Form:

State Subsidy

If the institution where you will do your internship will make a payment to you, you must provide the information and documents from the link below to request a state subsidy from MEF University following the payment. Then, the document in pdf format that the system will automatically create and its attachments, signed and stamped, must be delivered to our University’s Financial Affairs Directorate and Human Resources Directorate.ısıTalepFormu


International Internship

If you are considering doing an internship abroad, you should contact your International Internship Coordinator for any questions you may have. If you have had the opportunity to do an internship abroad, first you must get Prof. Ayşegül Kibaroğlu’s approval about the suitability of the internship. After completing your internship, you will contact our International Internship Coordinator again and receive confirmation that the internship has been completed properly, you will deliver all relevant documents and forms to Dr. Cansu Güleç.

Non-Compulsory Internship:

After completing your 20-day compulsory internship determined by the department, if you want to do a voluntary internship at another institution, you need to receive your non-compulsory internship form from Dr. Cansu Güleç and then complete your application process from the link below: