Double Major and Minor

Students of the Department of Political Science and International Relations can do a double major or minor with other departments if they meet the conditions described in the relevant directives.

MEF University Double Major Program (DMP) Directive

MEF University Minor Program (MP) Directive

All necessary up-to-date and comprehensive information regarding DMP and MP applications (application calendar and conditions) can be accessed via the Registrar's Office.
Please click here for DMP applications.
Please click here for MP applications.

For applicants from other departments, it is recommended to consult DMP and MP Coordinator Prof. Dr. Beken Saatçioğlu ( in addition to their consultations to their departmental advisors.

In our Department of Political Science and International Relations, we offer one double major program (DMP) and two minor programs (MP).


Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Programı Yandal Ders Listesi

POLS201   History of Political Thought 5
IR 201 Diplomatic History 5
IR 202 International Relations Theory 5
IR 204 International Political Economy 5
IR 301 International Law 5
IR 302 International Organizations 5
IR 303 Turkish Foreign Policy 5
POLS302   Comparative Politics 5

Leadership Minor Program

MEF University offers the Leadership Minor Program to its students starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, in line with its vision of “raising innovative and global leaders who will shape the future”. The Leadership Minor Curriculum below consists of a total of 6 courses offered in the Fall and Spring semesters by leading academics and professional career experts in the field.

Fall Semester:

Course ECTS Instructor
POLS 231 Tarihi Liderler Üzerinde Vaka Çalışmaları 5 ECTS İlker Başbuğ-Ahmet Yavuz
MGMT 336 Motivation and Leadership                                             5 ECTS Öğr. Gör. İrem Önal
MGMT 345 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 5 ECTS Öğr. Gör. Evrim Kuran

Spring Semester:

Course ECTS Instructor
IR 331 Strategic Decision Making 5 ECTS Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kibaroğlu
PSYC 305 Industrial and Organizational Psychology     6 ECTS Dr. Neslihan Turnalar Çetinkaya
ECON 117 Macroeconomics for Managers                       5 ECTS Başar Yıldırım