Program Outcomes

Our department offers a contemporary and comprehensive Political Science and International Relations Program that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to analyze developments in politics, security, diplomacy, law, and economics in our country and around the world and to make predictions for the future.

In the first two years of their education, our students will take courses such as Political Science, Sociology, History of Civilization, History of Political Thought, History of Diplomacy, Basic Concepts of Law, International Economics, and Research Methods that form the foundations of Social Sciences. In addition, courses aimed at improving our students’ computer usage and programming skills and using technology will also be offered.

With the Flipped Classroom application, our students who have reached a level where they can prepare short academic studies on research topics they have identified themselves during the first two years will take basic courses such as Comparative Politics, International Relations Theory, International Organizations, International Law, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Turkish Foreign Policy in their third and fourth years in the department.

In addition to these courses, Research Seminars such as War and Peace Researches, Ethnic and Cultural Conflicts, Conflict Resolution, Disarmament, Modernization, Democratization, Globalization, Humanitarian and Environmental Security where our students can conduct “independent research”; Regional Studies elective courses that will allow them to closely get to know political, social and cultural structures in regions such as European Union, Middle East, Eurasia, America, Africa and Far East will be offered.

In this context, opportunities will be provided for our students to take Foreign Language courses at a level where they can make qualified contributions to their research parallel to their regional preferences.

The Double Major Program (DMP), Minor Program and International Exchange (Erasmus etc.) Programs implemented throughout our University will be fully open to the benefit of our Department of Political Science and International Relations students.

In order to ensure active participation of our students in academic research conducted within our Department and University through “Student Assistantship”, “Project Assistantship” and “Internship” scientific activities; contributing to organizing conferences, seminars and workshops; participating in international level simulation studies such as “Model United Nations”; they will have knowledge, experience and equipment that will enable them to make accurate decisions when planning their careers after graduation.